Does liability insurance cover theft? Unfortunately for Escondido drivers, if this is your policy, it does not. Commonly confused with other types of insurance, liability insurance protects you from injuring another person or property damage caused by you and your vehicle. Comprehensive insurance does often cover auto theft.

Car Theft Insurance: When Am I Entitled to Coverage?

Let’s say your car was stolen near San Diego. With a comprehensive car insurance policy, insurance will typically cover the current value of your vehicle (not the amount you originally paid). If a vehicle was broken into, but not stolen, or the vehicle was recovered with damage to the vehicle that will also be covered.

What’s tricky is any personal belongings that are not part of the vehicle like a wallet, cell phone, or purse are not going to be covered by your auto insurance. They will, however, typically be covered by your renters or homeowners insurance policy.

How to File a Police Report & Insurance Claim

File a police report as soon as possible, ideally within 24 hours of the incident so that your insurance company can start to process your claim.

Police Report: What You Need

  • VIN and license plate number
  • Car’s year, make, and model
  • Location and estimated time of the theft
  • Identifying vehicle traits, such as bumper stickers or accessories

Insurance Claim: What You Need

  • Certificate of Title 
  • Location of the car keys before and after the car was stolen
  • Names and info of all parties who had access to your car
  • Vehicle description, i.e. mileage, service records, upgrade, and options
  • List of personal items that may have been stolen with the car
  • Financing or leasing company contact info and your account number

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To summarize: does liability car insurance cover theft? No, but a comprehensive insurance policy will and your renters/home insurance will cover any personal belongings stolen with the car or from your vehicle. Follow Mercedes-Benz of Escondido near Escondido for more tips on how to care for your car or our latest Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

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