Mercedes-Benz of Escondido is always happy to detail your car inside and out, but we’re happy to help you learn how to clean inside car windows. To clean the inside of a car windshield, you’ll need a microfiber towel, glass cleaner, and rubbing alcohol. Then follow these steps to increase visibility and get rid of distracting streaks.

How to Clean Inside Car Windows

  • Start off by wiping down the windshield with a microfiber cleaning cloth without any products to remove any surface-level dust and dirt.
  • Spray a glass cleaner on the microfiber cleaning cloth, you can use windex on car windows, and wipe down the inside of the windshield.
  • Apply rubbing alcohol to a clean microfiber cloth and wipe down the inside of the window. This will help cut down on future buildup and make this cleaning last longer.
  • Finish up with a last round of glass cleaner or, if you have it, a glass polish.

Can You Use Windex on Car Windows?

Yes, even a straightforward household cleaner like Windex can be used in your car. Windex is also fine to use on factory-tinted windows, but if your windows were tinted at a later date you may want to consult with the tinter or save it for the professionals.

It is important when using Windex, or any other type of window cleaner, to keep it off any leather seats or leather accessories. This may make the leather brittle or cause discoloration. You can always contact Mercedes-Benz of Escondido near Escondido and ask if your cleaning products are safe.

Additional Car Windshield Cleaning Tips

After cleaning, if you’re seeing any windshield spotting, try these tips:

  • Paper towels will often leave spots or streaks. While convenient, for a clearer look invest in a simple microfiber cloth.
  • To reach the corners of the windshield, use a reach-and-clean tool.
  • Use a circular motion when wiping with a microfiber cleaning cloth, but then wipe vertically at the end to remove streaks.

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