So, you’re driving from Escondido to San Diego and you notice a slight shaking sensation when you put pressure on your brakes. Or maybe shaking is becoming a constant problem, even when you’re handling your brakes with care. If your car trembles when braking, you’re experiencing a problem that the Mercedes-Benz of Escondido service center encounters frequently with our customers. Read below to find the culprit and what to do. 

Why Does My Car Shake When Braking? Rotors

The most likely cause if your car trembles when braking is the brake rotors:

  • Under normal circumstances, you probably feel a slight shake when you press down on your brakes. When this shaking transfers to the whole of your car, this means your brake pads are slipping because the rotors are warped. 
  • One cause of brake rotor problems is simply regular use. The rotors thin out as you drive and usually after the 70,000-mile marker you’ll want to look into ordering parts. 
  • Another cause of wear is heat from braking, which can warp the brake rotors. Luckily, regular inspection and replacement of parts can keep your brake system in good shape.  
Car suspension and brakes

Why Does My Car Shake When Braking? Tires and Suspension  

If you’re mainly feeling a stirring in the steering wheel, this could indicate a misalignment of your tires:

  • Various minor bumps or harsh San Marcos road conditions can cause your tires to shift a bit, making the suspension work extra hard to get your vehicle moving. 
  • A wheel alignment check or wheel realignment is generally a protocol for every 5,000 miles. Many dealerships will have tire work as part of their service specials
  • In addition to misalignment, your suspension can also be damaged, resulting in a scenario when your car trembles when braking and in general driving scenarios. 
  • Your suspension could have some damaged parts that experts can advise you to replace. 

Get Service and Parts Tips With Mercedes-Benz of Escondido  

If your car trembles when braking or if you have any other performance issues with your vehicle, Mercedes-Benz of Escondido can help! We’re proud to offer drivers from San Marcos and beyond advice on the proper maintenance and care of their vehicles. You can remotely schedule service and contact us today with all of your questions!  

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