If you’re wondering about how to buy a car in another state and you’re nervous about registration or strange taxes, you’re in luck. Buying a car out of state is much simpler than you’d think. To get the process started, browse through our inventory, find a car you like, and fill out a pre-approval. Then, read this guide on buying a car in another state so you can be aware of a few, not too complex differences to consider. If San Diego or Escondido drivers have any other questions besides, “can I buy a car out of state,” get in touch. Mercedes-Benz of Escondido is happy to answer those too!

Registering a Car Bought in Another State

The main thing Valley Center drivers should be aware of when buying a car out-of-state is that you’ll be registering it there. The process of registering and titling your vehicle when buying a car in another state is slightly different.

  1. Ask your salesman for a bill of sale that clearly states the purchase price. Then find the DMV in the town you currently live in on the website DMV Near Me.
  2. When you visit your local DMV, you’ll need to collect the following items:
    1. Bill of sale
    2. Completed application for vehicle transaction form
    3. Title of the vehicle signed by the previous owner
    4. Lienholders’ names and address
    5. Filled out odometer disclosure state for title transfer
    6. Tax Form RUT-50 Private Party Vehicle Tax Transaction
    7. Registration Fees
    8. Proof of insurance
    9. Proof of residency

Let the clerk know that you bought your car out-of-state but want to title it and register it at your home address.

  1. The clerk will return your bill of sale but probably keep your out-of-state title. You will then be asked to pay the appropriate difference in sales tax between the two states.
  2. Regularly check your mailbox for the new title!

Taxes and Fees on Out-of-State Cars

The two cost-concerns to consider when buying a car out of state are the differences in sales tax between the state you live in and the state you’re shopping in, and the difference in the DMV charge for registering the car. In most cases, those differences will be negligible or a matter of no more than a 100 dollars. In fact, you’ll likely be asked to pay the difference in sales tax by the DMV when you register the vehicle at your home address, so the difference in sales tax between two states shouldn’t be a major concern.

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