Mercedes-Benz owners who work from home or who live in a walkable area of Escondido might find that they don’t actually drive their vehicle very often. What some San Diego car owners don’t realize is that it’s important to adjust your car care to match your driving habits. Your unused car may look to be in perfect condition, but the longer it sits without being driven, the more maintenance issues can rack up. Here, Mercedes-Benz of Escondido provides essential maintenance tips for vehicles that are not driven regularly.

Will My Car’s Battery Die Without Being Driven?

It depends. Go long enough without taking your car out on Escondido roads, and you can almost guarantee that the battery will die. Exactly how long is “too long?” The answer will vary based on the age of your car battery and whether it’s been well-maintained over the years. 

Here are the facts you need to know:

  • Modern vehicles use advanced features that employ multiple computers, which are always on. These computers are what slowly drains your car battery in as little as two weeks.
  • To avoid a dead battery, start your car up once per week and let it run for around 5 to 10 minutes. If your car is parked in a garage, remember to open the garage door or pull your car out into the driveway or street for proper ventilation.
  • There is also the option of connecting your vehicle to a battery tender or minder, which plugs into a household outlet in your garage to maintain a proper voltage in your battery. Just don’t forget to disconnect it next time you go out for a drive.

Will My Brakes Suffer?

If your car sits unused for too long, especially outside, your brake rotors are at risk of rusting. This is why it’s good practice to at least take your vehicle out for a short drive once or twice per week, as driving it will get rid of any film or rust that has built up. Is your parking brake always on, too? It’s good practice to set and release it periodically, as most modern parking brakes are cable activated and releasing the tension every now and then will help prevent damage.

Will I Get Flat Tires?

San Marcos car owners who don’t drive regularly need to be diligent about checking their tire pressure. Over time, the tires will inevitably lose air, which can cause premature wear and affect the safety of your vehicle when you do take it out for a spin. 

If you’re heading out of town for a couple of weeks and your car won’t be driven by anyone while you’re gone, it can actually be helpful to overfill your tires a bit (around 5 – 10 psi over the recommended limit) to help prevent flat spots from developing.

Will My Gasoline Go Bad?

It’s true that gasoline degrades over time, but your vehicle’s fuel system is well-sealed, which should minimize the issue. Keeping a full tank also helps to reduce the risk of degradation and gas tank condensation. Not to mention, you won’t be surprised by a near-empty tank the next time you need to use your vehicle. You can also use a fuel stabilizer to help keep things fresh and healthy in the tank.

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