Most likely, you’re familiar with antifreeze in the sense that your new or used car needs it to operate. But, what does antifreeze do, exactly? Mercedes-Benz of Escondido’s service center is here to help! Read on for the answers to the following questions:

  • What is antifreeze?
  • What is antifreeze used for?
  • Is antifreeze coolant?
  • Why use antifreeze?

What is Antifreeze?

First, let’s answer the question, “Is antifreeze coolant?” Yes, antifreeze and coolant are the same fluid. If you were to compare the two, you’d find no difference. “Antifreeze” may give you the impression that it keeps your car warm or “coolant” may imply that it keeps your car cool, but in actuality, the fluid simply regulates the temperature of the engine.

What is antifreeze made of? The ingredients in coolant are ethylene glycol or propylene glycol. It comes in a few different colors, such as pink, orange, or green, which denote different properties. Most cars require green coolant, but it’s always a good idea to read your owner’s manual or speak with a service technician to find out which is best for your Mercedes-Benz vehicle.

What is Antifreeze Used For?

Coolant is housed in the coolant reservoir under the hood. A water pump circulates it throughout the engine, allowing it to absorb heat. The heated coolant is moved through the radiator so it can cool down, and is then recirculated throughout the engine. This process repeats continuously as you drive through San Diego. Without this heating and cooling cycle, the engine would overheat and eventually fail.

Why Use Antifreeze for Your Car?

Antifreeze plays a crucial role in keeping your vehicle operating safely on Escondido roads. Because of its properties, coolant not only helps prevent overheating, but it’s also resistant to freezing even in below-zero weather. Again, if you were to run your car’s engine without coolant, the result would likely be damage to the following parts:

  • Engine Cylinders
  • Water Pump
  • Head Gasket
  • Connector Rods

Schedule a service appointment without delay if you notice that your car’s hood is burning hot to the touch or if steam is rising from under the hood.

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