As a Mercedes dealership in Escondido, we know luxury car owners especially want their vehicles to be in pristine condition. Whether you decide to hand wash your car or a touchless car wash, both have their own set of pros and cons you need to know to make the best decision.

Hand Car Wash Advantages

  • More Thorough: Even the best car wash system can’t reach into every little groove the way a human can and there’s going to be a higher attention to detail.
  • Potentially More Affordable: If you know what you’re doing and want to put in the extra time, washing by hand at home is less expensive and potentially more satisfying.
  • Interior Detailing: Either you or the professionals can also detail the interior of the car and clean the windshield without requiring a second trip.
Hand Washing Car

Hand Car Wash Disadvantages

  • Professional Hand Washing is Expensive: Most people don’t want to spend the time washing their own car or necessarily trust themselves with the finish on a new Mercedes-Benz. Naturally, you’ll pay more to have the professionals hand wash, but time is money and they’ll probably do a better job.
  • Car Paint Could Be Damaged: This isn’t guaranteed to happen, but overwashing can ruin the finish and appearance of your paint. You should also consider where you’re washing your car and if they have experience with your model, such as your dealership.

What is a Touchless Car Wash?

Also known as a hands free car wash, a touchless car wash is the automatic mechanized car wash you loved going through as a kid. Automated car washes can dramatically range in quality from the one at the back of the gas station to a luxury industrial car wash experience.

Hands Free Car Wash Advantages

  • Speed: These are built for efficiency. Your car will be clean in minutes versus hours.
  • Can Be Easier on Your Paint: Touchless car washes are gentler on cars, so as to avoid paint scratching and damage. However, you’ll want to consult the experts on your specific vehicle to confirm.
  • Cheaper Cost: Since they don’t require as much man power, even the most high end touchless car wash will be cheaper than hand detailing.

Hands Free Car Wash Disadvantages

  • Less Attention to Detail: Automatic car washes are not as aggressive and there’s no one doing a once over, so your car may have some missed areas.
  • Water Spots: The power dryers are not always very powerful and may leave your car to air dry with some less-than-attractive water spots.

Get a Professional Car Wash at Mercedes-Benz of Escondido

You can find many more cleaning tips here on our site, but we’re always happy to help with whatever you need. Contact us and visit our dealership serving San Diego to keep your car in premium condition.

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