When a car leaks water, it usually isn’t a cause for concern. Condensation is created by the air conditioning system, especially in warm areas like San Diego. It’s also common for the exhaust system to create condensation. This usually evaporates as the muffler warms up. If your car is leaking something other than water, however, chances are a trip to our service center near Escondido is in order. Below, you’ll learn more about the causes of a car leaking water, as well as how to identify other fluids.

Potential Causes of Water Leaking from Under Car

Fortunately, it’s easy to determine if you’re dealing with a simple water leak or something more serious that could lead to an overheated engine down the road. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Position a sheet of white paper under the leak. Water droplets will show up as just that — transparent water droplets.. If the droplets are blue, green, or yellow, the fluid is more than likely coolant.
  • If your car is leaking more than a small puddle, a blown gasket could be the cause. It’s possible that coolant is burning with the fuel, creating water and white smoke coming from the exhaust pipe.
  • Because it’s brightly colored, coolant leaks are easily detected and you can always do a fluid level inspection to be sure. If the coolant level is low, the team at our service center can adjust it for you.
  • Damaged windshield wiper fluid reservoirs can also cause leaks. When water gets into the wiper fluid and freezes, it expands and causes the plastic casing to split. The color of windshield wiper fluid is light blue or light green and leaks are usually found at the front of the car.

In short, if you think the leak is the result of a much bigger problem than normal condensation, bring your vehicle to our service center!

Quick Guide to Car Fluid Colors

If you completed the paper test and you’re positive the fluid isn’t water, this guide will help you determine what type of fluid is leaking from your car:

  • Red: Power steering or transmission fluid
  • Orange: Radiator coolant or transmission fluid
  • Blue: Windshield wiper fluid
  • Dark Brown: Brake fluid or older motor oil
  • Light Brown: Newer engine oil or gear lubricant
  • Pink: Power steering fluid or transmission fluid
  • Yellow: Radiator coolant
  • Green: Antifreeze from water pump, hoses, or the radiator

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